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The good things that procrastination can bring

You're not good enough. Does this thought sound familiar? Myself, I am often my worst critic. I look at my life and how different it is from what I planned it to be. How often do I make mistakes? Why am I where I am today? why for so long I could not write anything on my blog?

Many of these situations were provoked by, let's say, my mistake. My mistake, my imperfection, my guilt, my sin. It is almost 2 am and I am still awake because I could not get my assignments done all day. But in my life, there is someone who repairs those mistakes I make, it is someone incomparable to anything or anyone else, someone with a talent for recreating bad situations, "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." / Romans 8: 28 /.

It often happens to me that people who I have just met are surprised that I am a Christian. When I was thinking about it, it worried me a little that I'm not good enough to stand out from the crowd. I am supposed to be light of the world, and I constantly stumble, complain a lot, I'm too passive. I would like to do so much and so little of my plan are fulfilled.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Do you also think that about yourself? Do you also see your shortcomings? I do not know what is happening today in your life, but I know for sure that you know what defeat feels like. I know for sure you know what it means to be disappointed by someone. In your life there were times of sadness. Someone broke your heart one day. And there are chances that you know Justin Bieber.

In my life, which apparently seems to be one big chaos, there is someone who is above it all and controls it. I'm not that person. And now you are probably wondering why did I mention Jusin Bieber in the previous paragraph. Let me explain.

I don't really follow celebrities. I do not read the tabloids or gossip blogs. But of course I know who Justin Bieber is. And I do know that he was involved in several scandals. Today, to procrastinate writing my assignment I did let the Internet all the places it has hidden for me and beforeI knew it I was on JB's Instagram. And as scrolled his photos I came across these words: "Be still, and know that I am God"
A lot of people in the comments began to accuse Justin of being heretic and egoist.So many people who read this post did not recognize it and they didn't know that it was not something Bieber said to describe himself, but a quote from the Book of Psalms (46:11)

How wonderfully does God work! even in a place where we expect to see only His opposite, we can see a miracle. Something that should not be there, something contrary to logic, contrary to what seems to be the natural course of things. For him nothing is an obstacle, nothing is more powerful than him.

And this great God is interested in you today. He wants you to you be a part of His plan. Because for God nothing is a coincidence, He planned you and your life before He created the world. He wants you to come to Him today and get to know Him. He wants you to do it today.  He does not want a beautiful, perfect version of you. He wants you as you are now.

Sometimes I am Justin Bieber. Sometimes people do not expect me to be a Christian and therefore feel free to be themselves, so we become friends and I can tell them about my best friend. If I was someone else, I would have never  had the opportunity to share my story with them, show them how much they mean to my Dad.

Life with God is not boring. It is not sad. It is not heavy. Because God always has a solution to a problem that brings life. Even before a problem occurs, God already knows how to use this situation to show you something wonderful, if you ask Him. If you trust Him He will surprise you with what he has prepared for you.

It's  true with the difficult issues and with the trivial ones. Just as today, after a day of fatigue at one o'clock in the morning God spoke to me: I am God. Be still. Do not worry about it if you wait too long to write your assignment, or find a good job, or send your CV to the appropriate places. Today, the day you tried to write something with your own strength you couldn't come up with anything, and when I gave you a moment of focus you wrote half of the assignment. When you didn't expect to hear from me, I spoke to you. Because I have a plan, in which nothing is irrelevant. Nothing happens by accident.

God has a plan for you too. Invite Him into your life and you will be surprised  to see how true and real He is and how much he loves you.

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